In Room 18, we have been reading about the history of telescopes. Did you know that a telescope was originally a toy? It wasn't until Galilei Galileo decided to make a real one!. We made a type of telescope, called a kaleidoscope, which uses the reflective powers of light and mirrors to create a visual feast for the eyes. If you visit individual blogs (Kruthen & Semith) they have added to the experience by adding some house music.

Cultural Festival Thoughts & Feelings

E Papa Waiari - Ti Rakau Sticks

Kia ora, Malo lelei This Friday afternoon, Room 18 enjoyed creating a great stick beat to the Maori song, E Papa Waiari. Room 18 did a great job and practised some nifty tricks with their partners whilst keeping to the beat of the song. Kapai, Room 18. Great job Mr Findlay for joining us too.

BOOK WEEK: Eye Spy Picture Riddles

Great work Room 18 creating your Eye-spys, Room 18. Let's see what people can find in your creative picture riddles!!

Book Clues - Room 18

Book 1 - Semith Clue 1. A boy is so poor and an old man got a chocolate factory. Clue 2. There is a mouse and that mouse is explore a lot. Clue 3. There is a boy is don't have any parents . Clue 4. There is a fox is so clever.
Book 2 Julianna & Janelle I am greedy and unfair.I always need to win or I will lose my temper.I am selfish and mean.I am a dog you will never want to see.I am loved by a teacher greatly.Good luck trying to find me and guess me you will never no.

Book 3 Barron My book is a novel My book came out last year as a movieMy book has a beastMy book is a romance bookIt is set in the medieval ageThe main character lives in a castleA curse is in this book

Book 4 Tane Clue 1. Soon I will be a classic Clue 2. I am older than I was in the movie. Clue 3. I am the second to last book in a series Clue 4. I am in the red house in my school. Clue 5. I am written by an author who was refused a lot of times . Who am I ??  
Karen  3 different Book clues We make stories in a treehouse, we…

Cook Island Language Week: Room 18 Monite (Monday's) Challenge

Kia Orana! In Room 18 today we have practiced two Cook Island greetings. Kia orana which is 'hello' and ka kite which is 'good-bye'. Did you know that there are 7 islands that make up the Cook Islands? Room 18 challenge you to investigate the names of these 7 islands!

Chapter Chat Novel - The Explorer

Room 18 are enthralled in our Chapter Chat book - The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.  It is about 4 children whose plane crashes into the remote Amazon jungle.  Fred, Lila, Con and Max are all learning to survive.  Every week, we have activities to complete related to our novel.  This week, one of the tasks was to create a fishing spear and work out the best way to spear a fish.  Room 18 are pretty chuffed with their spears. In what ways can you spear a fish?